Wednesday, September 24, 2008


i decided to try a couple non-dairy cheese recipes. i started with vegan sharp cheddar cheese (originally from the uncheese cookbook). i realized right before i started that the agar agar i had from an asian shop was actually vanilla flavoured to make it into jello (i also had a "red flavour" one which had strawberry flavouring listed in the ingredients). i don't think the vanilla affected the flavour much though. this recipe is good cuz it doesn't have any added fat- just what is naturally in the cashews and the small amount in the nutritional yeast. i didn't have a small loaf pan (plus i halved the recipe) so i ended up pouring it into 3 holes in a cupcake pan to cool (i guess i could have used a small bowl). it does have a rubbery-jello-ish look to it but it tastes good and melts REALLY well. i ended up adding some chopped up jalapenos and melting some in the microwave and dipping corn chips into it. soooooooo good!
next on my list to try is vegan nacho cheese from happy herbivore.

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