Tuesday, September 23, 2008

5 weeks

that's how long that flu/cold illness lasted. i am finally (almost) completely healthy. the cough still remains slightly and my nose still drips a bit but i have energy and i actually feel well again. a few weeks ago a co-worker came into work and said "i am finally well again! i didn't realize how horrible i felt and how good it feels to be well until now. it's so nice to feel good again and have energy to do things!" i remember thinking at the time that i definitely wasn't there yet. i figured i'd be like that in a week (she got sick the week before me). that next week came and went. and the one after. finally in the past few days i've felt like myself again. i can go out and do things. i made it thru the weekend and actually had fun (and didn't need to go back to bed at 3pm after a big walk, a coffee and a beer). i've never been unwell that long in my life and hopefully won't get like that again.

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