Tuesday, September 23, 2008

little visitor

we've had a spider hanging out by the kitchen window for a few days. i kept meaning to have a closer look (its always upside-down in its web) and try to figure out what it was in my melbourne wildlife book. today i looked at it a bit better and noticed a red spot on its ass

flipping thu the spider section of the book the only one that has a red spot like that is the redback (i always thought they were bigger and most of the time they're completely black not black and brown-- although they can be brown).
then i noticed the bottom of her abdomen-- she (i assume she's most likely female-- apparently males are rarely seen):
(click to enlarge if you're not creeped out by large spider photos)
she's got the hourglass so she's a redback. she'll be re-located later today (most likely across the road).
i always thought redbacks hung out in dark areas. i guess not.

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