Monday, September 08, 2008


its finally feeling like spring! we haven't used the heat for the last 4 nites and 1 1/2 mornings (i turned it on for 10 min just now to just get the room mildly warmer since i'll be home most of this morning-- zac got up, showered and went to work without having any heat). i did a bunch of prep in the garden yesterday and i'll hopefully have some things planted by tomorrow
here's some spring shots i've taken over the week or so around our yard:
a bee on the nectarine blossoms:

more nectarine blossoms:
a flower from the neighbours yard. i forgot my boss's birthday was friday (i was busy preparing early birthday things for my co-worker who's birthday is today and i'm not at work). i ended up grabbing my favourite wine bottle vase i painted and a flower from the neighbours yard during my lunch break and bringing that in for her (project for today: paint myself a new wine bottle vase-- first step is to finish the almost half bottle of wine. probably should have breakfast--and maybe lunch-- before i start) the photo doesn't do this flower justice. the colour is almost florescent. i'm sure they're a weed but they look amazing when the entire side of the freeway is covered in tiny bright yellow dots

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