Friday, September 19, 2008

cooking and the dog

with my birthday money i bought myself a couple cookbooks i'd been wanting for a while:

i've already tried a few recipes from each (i think they arrived in the mail on tuesday). eat, drink and be vegan is really good for gluten free vegans (i work with one) cuz she has a HUGE amount of gluten free recipes including lots of muffins, pancakes and other normally wheat flour recipes that she's done using lots of different types of flours (spelt, oat, chickpea). i'm gonna have to try some of those ones. la dolce vegan! has a lot of sarah's own creations as well as recipes others have sent her for the book. soooo many good things to choose from in there.
when i went to download the pic of the cookbooks i discovered some pictures of wombat from earlier in the week on the camera.
the lazy beast in (our) bed:

yawning sleeping beauty (a little like the wolf in grandmother's clothing):

lazy one taking over the couch:

she's only supposed to be on that brown mat on the couch but that rarely happens. she'll start there and take over the couch when we get up or if the mat is on the couch and the other half is free she'll go for the other half. she does love that mat though-- she won't go to bed without it now. she has this new bedtime thing going where if she goes into bed but that mat isn't on her cotton covered big foam bed she'll just stand and stare at her bed and wait for you to get the mat and put it down then she'll happily curl up on it. i'm trying to teach her to get it herself.
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