Tuesday, July 22, 2008

what nightmares are made out of

when we went to darwin a few years ago zac had nitemares for months afterwards about crocodiles. this time it was my turn to have nitemares. these to salties at the sanctuary were amazing. the second time we went it was warm and sunny (the first day was cloudy and it rained a bit) so the crocs were out of the water and we got to look at them up close (the cause of my nitemares)
the little (in comparison to the other one-- still pretty huge and wouldn't want to meet it in the wild) one was quite active and walked around a bit (moving into the sun as it moved along). it was amazing watching this giant lizard move itself!
this guy has been the subject of my nitemares:
he was MASSIVE!!! and those teeth! we kept going back to his area (he/she was sunning herself just next to the bridge we were on) and starring at him-- the HUGE feet and scales and teeth. really amazing!
there were also a bunch of freshwater crocs (slightly smaller than salties and a little less aggressive but still deadly) in a pond near the salt water ones: they were quite active moving around on their sand mound and crawling in and out of the water. its amazing when they swim because unless you're looking VERY carefully, you probably won't see them. you see some of the algae moving a bit (looks like it is just a current) and then if you look really closely you'll see 2 little eyes and the tip of the nose above the water.

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