Monday, July 21, 2008

more queensland photos

mossman gorge:
it took me ages of playing around with the camera settings to get a good smooth water shot (i probably could have done it a lot faster but i didn't want to get the manual out). we did a big walk/hike at the gorge and then sat by the swimming hole for a bit (i didn't think it was warm enough water to go in but there were lots of people in the water)

our campsite at kuranda:

we slept in front of a wall of bamboo plants. they made really cool wind chime noises when the breeze blew but we were both a bit scared of them dropping on the tent if the wind picked up. kuranda is in the hills outside of cairns and gets quite "cold" at nite (i think it might have been down to 9 or 10C, maybe only 14C but i was FREEZING. that was the only time on the trip i put close toed shoes on in the evening and i slept in multiple layers with the sleeping bag zipped up over my head. the town of kuranda was pretty cool though-- an old hippie town with great markets.

st. andrews cross spider:

it looks pretty deadly with its body and web in an 'x' shape but i looked it up when we got home and apparently it's pretty harmless. usually it sits right over the 'x' in the web but it had moved when i finally went to take a photo the morning we were leaving.

zac learning to throw a boomerang:
we decided to go to an aboriginal cultural centre on the way down from kuranda. it was kind of disappointing-- very tourist-y and marketing the whole aboriginal thing. we did learn a few things about the aboriginals of the area though and got to learn how to throw boomerangs and spears:

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