Friday, July 25, 2008

another random meme to kill time until dinner (which zac has to get home first to make it)

Do you like blue cheese? yep but i only ever have it when someone else buys it
Have you ever smoked? nope
Do you own a gun? nope
What flavor Kool Aid was your favorite? never really liked kool-aid much
Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? no. i just get annoyed with all the waiting (usually i get in to see the doctor about an hour after my appointment was scheduled
What do you think of hot dogs? veggie dogs are great
Favorite Christmas movie? a christmas story
Favorite thing to drink in the morning? coffee!!!!!
Can you do push ups? yep.
What’s your favorite piece of jewelry? engagement ring and wedding ring (they fit together nicely)
Favorite hobby? anything outdoors
Do you have A.D.D.? no....
What’s one trait you hate about yourself? worrying about stupid little things
Middle name? lynne
Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment: when's zac home for dinner? i should probably move the dog since she's sitting on the couch and not on her mat. mind is blank.
What do you worry about the most? stupid little things
Current worry? hmmmm......
Current hate right now? cold weather (especially in the mornings)
Favorite place to be? warm places
How did you bring in the new year? with friends and temperatures in the 30C (still at midnite)
Where would you like to go? somewhere warm (like back to cape trib)
Do you own slippers? yep (wearing them now)
What shirt are you wearing? 4 (and a fleece jacket)
Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? never done it
Can you whistle? yeah but not actually a tune, just kind of a dog call
Favorite color? blue or silver
Would you be a pirate? nope. boats don't like me. i like them but half the time i end up feeling a bit sea sick within an hour or 2
What songs do you sing in the shower? i don't sing but i usually have kids songs from work going thru my head
Favorite Girl’s Name: not sure. i like several
Favorite boy’s Name: not sure.
What’s in your pocket right now? a mint (in a packet) and lip balm
Last thing that made you laugh? kids at work
What vehicle do you drive? gt transeo 4.0(bike. but it sounds like it could be some cute little car)
Worst injury you’ve ever had? bike accident when i was doored. or maybe breaking part of my tooth off on our trampoline (on the bar) when i was 7 or 8
Do you love where you live? yeah. i wouldn't mind slightly warmer winters though
How many TVs do you have in your house? 1
Who is your loudest friend? they're all pretty equally loud
Do you have any pets? our big boof of a dog
Does someone have a crush on you? my husband
Your favorite book(s)? johnny cash autobiography, not sure what else but there's a few good ones.....
Do you collect anything? dust
Favorite Sports Team? melbourne demons (they aren't doing so well this year)
What song do you want played at your funeral? something fun. maybe a bit country......

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