Sunday, July 20, 2008

cape tribulation

after 2 nites in daintree we moved up to cape tribulation campground (cape trib is still part of daintree national park, just a bit further north). our camp site was only separated by a thin strip of forest (mostly palms) and we could hear the waves at nite. the town had a little more to it (even an iga express with reasonable prices and a HUGE pub--the only local pub--that was part of the backpackers. we got to see lots of animals in cape trib.
a monitor lizard: there were 2 of them. they hung around a picnic area just off cape trib beach with a couple of bush turkeys just waiting for picnic tourists to drop some food.

boyd's dragon:

we saw the boyd's dragon on a nite hike (a guided one-- no way i was going into the rainforest on my own at nite!). we actually saw 2 of them that nite.

our first real croc:

this salty was just hanging out on the beach across the river from where we got on a boat to do a croc cruise. we met our cruise guide up on the roadside and he told us to follow a small path off the road down to the boat. he said "the boat is first one you come to. board up the ramp but don't go in the water. don't worry there's no croc's there-- she's on the other side of the river"
the 6 or 7 of us walking together (somehow i was leading the group) were a bit scared as we went down this path thru mangroves. we got on the boat and looked across the river and there she was-- just sunning herself on the beach (zac had binoculars with him so we got a really close look at her while we were waiting for our guide to come down and take the boat closer to her).

we also spent a lot of time just hanging out at the beaches (myall beach and cape trib) while were there and relaxing in the shade reading books.
4x is the beer of queensland. we drank a lot of it while we were up there.

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