Monday, July 28, 2008


poor wombat has been a bit of a stress case the last week or so (i realize she doesn't look like it in the picture-- other than the fact she has one eye on the camera-- but i mostly take pics of her sleeping or playing). we've got rescue remedy that we sometimes give her but i'd never really taken time to see if it does actually help. the last few days she's been excessively nervous about almost everything. this afternoon when i got home she had a bit of a traumatic experience with her poo (a hair was involved) and after it was over (and during the events) she was SO shivery and nervous. when the hair was gone i gave her a couple treats but she still wouldn't calm so i gave her a drop of rescue remedy on a treat and then we just sat on the floor while i patted her. within a couple minutes she was completely relaxed. i decided we'd go for our walk. we ran into a spoodle not far from our house but she was amazingly calm about the whole thing. after she spotted it she actually was able to turn away from it for several seconds and as it got really close (we were on one side of the street, it was on the other walking towards us with its person) i just said "sit". i just talked softly to her and then said you get a treat for this. i didn't expect her to respond right away to that (the dog was just opposite us now) but she turned to me and took the treat! after she swallowed it she got up and we moved on and the spoodle was forgotten! she was so relaxed (especially for a smaller dog, although it was a very calm dog too). i decided to look up the use of rescue remedy for dogs just to see if its actually safe (it does have alcohol in it) and found several sites supporting its use and then when i clicked on the rescue remedy site i realized they also now sell rescue remedy for pets (alcohol free). maybe this will be a good thing for wombat. after the last few days i was starting to think we might need to get some kind of medication for her to calm her before she ends up having heart failure from stress.

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