Wednesday, July 23, 2008

perfect ending

after camping for 7 nites and staying at 2 different hostels we decided the last 4 nites would be at a resort (it was our honeymoon) so i booked us into the mantra treetops resort in port douglas. it was sooo nice. we got a deal with breakfast included. i assumed this meant a table of muffins and cereal and maybe some bread and a toaster. it was actually a full buffet breakfast with tons of vegan and veggie things. i had my standard plates every morning of hash browns, steamed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and sometimes a bit of scrambled egg. i usually filled myself so full of these things that i barely had room for the nice bowl of fruit and yogurt i intended on getting. zac would do the same (but no yogurt or egg of course). the resort was a couple kms from the main strip in town but we had already spent 5 days in town so we bought a 3 day bus pass and just went in once a day (and we walked in along the beach one day just cuz the bus drivers were a bit scary in port douglas and the buses only come every 30 min).
me in the kinda cold resort pool (it was a few degrees colder than the ocean which was around 24C):

at the swim up bar (where we got mango daiquiris and coronas):

view of pool towards the bar the perfect afternoon (beer, good book and a poolside lounge chair):
our final full day in queensland we didn't leave the resort (except to make the 4 min walk to the beach for a quick swim in the warm ocean). zac got a massage. i just lounged by the pool, swam, read and drank beer and a pina colada. we had a great dinner at one of the resort's restaurants (the poolside one) and took in some of the cartoons of foxtel cable (we missed our cartoons during the trip). we were pretty relaxed by the time we got home. it was also great because our friend who had taken great care of wombat while we were away (and stayed at our house) took the time to clean the house, do the laundry, make the bed and bring us buckets (yes, we each had a bucket) of our favourite meal from the restaurant he was working at (but as of 3 days ago he is very happily no longer working there!!!) before he had to go do veggie pickups for fnb. oh, he also stocked us up with some breakfast foods (bread, soy milk and muesli) and came back after fnb with some left over veggies for us. it was sooo great to come home from a holiday and not have to worry about all that usual stuff .
here's some final sunset photos (on the inlet in port douglas):

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