Friday, July 25, 2008

only in oz

outside my door is the music from the ice cream man's truck (and when he pulled up the streets i heard the screams of several children as they ran over from the park). only here could the ice cream guy actually sell enough ice cream to make it worth his time in winter (its only about 13C but it's the ICE CREAM MAN!!! and you have to buy his overpriced ice cream, even if its not actually "ice cream weather"). funny cuz this morning it was not even 2C with the wind chill and it was FREEZING!!! now its actually pleasent enough for the ice cream man to come around and i just got back from an extra long walk with the dog (where i was pretty warm by then end with my 5 layers).

1 comment:

Annie said...

LOL!!! I'm laughing my head off at your 'freezing cold' weather :D
It's amusing!