Monday, January 07, 2008

some weird reasons people visit my blog

the only reason i ever really look at my stats counter is to see what search words people use when they find my blog randomly.
here's a few things people have looked for when they found my blog:

butt scoot-
Dog scoots on carpet and then licks it

i think those 2 searches probably were refered to wombat's incident on my quilt i made last winter. still not impressed with what she did that nite (and zac is still laughing)

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree in Japanese
i'd like to learn that song in japanese too....don't know how it relates to anything i've written about on my blog though

Pink mild itchy spots random places on body
probably should check out a medical website, not a blog. and maybe see a doctor.

“put your socks on” expression
i thought that was just something people did, not something that was used to express something.
Picture of dog curled up asleep on
i got lots of those (asleep on chairs, couches, beds, blankets, dirt, cement...) they came to the right place)

words that you thought were words+bombs hit it

clever girl goes blog
Telling a girl she is very smart

impulse buys

is somebody shopping for an impulse buy?

black beans canned Australia
where to buy milk from cruelty free cows australia

i seem to be the place to look for advice on where to buy some things in oz (although i don't know any cruelty free cows that run a dairy-- and i don't think any cow milk could be completely cruelty-free. like zac says "meat is murder, dairy is rape" but i'm sure they were looking for milk from free-range hippy-cows that are at least treated well during their exploitation)
also-- i've found another place in melbourne that sells canned black beans. and its very close to home. a health food shop on the north part of lygon street (i think its 483 lygon st).

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