Tuesday, January 29, 2008


this is kind of a girly post so you may wanna skip this one if you're not into girly stuff.
for a while i've been looking at environmentally friendly alternatives for tampons. pads aren't my thing so the idea of reusable pads (and the cleaning that goes with that) doesn't appeal to me at all. in my searches i came across the diva cup. it's a silicone cup that will last indefinitely (but i think i'll replace mine every year or 2 just for hygiene reasons). they're safe (probably a lot safer than tampons), easy to use (after the first few inserts/removes) and way more convenient than tampons. they're canadian made (although i think i got mine thru a u.s. distrubutor-- the happened to be on sale AND had free international postage!) and they seem to be widely available at drugstores in north america (they've got a store locator by city or postal/zip code on the diva cup website).

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Annie said...

My sisters and I (and close friends I have recommended it to or bought as a gift) swear by it!!! You don't need to replace it for 6-7 years.
Once you get use to it (takes about 2 cycles) you'll love it and never go back.