Wednesday, January 30, 2008

just 3?

at that's my answer the question to go for today is: What three things are on your desk right now that shouldn't be?
there's a lot of stuff there right now that shouldn't be (even though i semi-cleaned it the other day) but here's my 3 things:
2 tennis balls (i think i took these away from the dog a couple months ago.....) not sure what the photo in the corner is doing on the desk, its a photo of me holding/looking at a baby wallaby at work last year

my plate from my sandwich at lunch (i even did all the dishes after i ate but i must have missed this one since it was next to the computer instead of the sink)

charlotte the chicken. i won her at zac's cousin's husband's 30th. i don't remember why but i do remember that his cousin told me she was glad the vegetarian won it cuz they were gonna get a plate of meats as the prize but as she's a vegetarian i think she decided the stuffed chicken would be the prize (it lives on the desk only cuz we haven't found a better place for it and if its within wombat's reach it will probably end up in 1000 pieces)


Lisa from Michigan, USA said...

This has nothing to do with this blog entry but I can't find the one I was looking for.

I was wondering about Wombat's button tumors.... did they go away?

I found this blog because I was looking up those button tumors because my 16 month old dog has them popping up like WEEDS!!!!!

The vet told me they can go away on their own. Did Wombat's go away?

shawna said...

they all seem to go away after a couple months or so. some lasted a lot longer than others. she constantly seems to get small ones behind her ears that go away within a couple weeks but others have lasted a few months (we did get cream for a couple of them but i don't think it really helped at all).

Lisa from Michigan, USA said...

Thanks. That is so weird. I'd never heard of them before. I wonder when the dogs get older, if they will stop getting them. I sure hope Buster's go away in a couple of weeks.

(I'm a teacher too!)