Tuesday, January 01, 2008

the cool change is coming as i type!!!

i've been sitting here sweltering since i peeled myself out of bed 2 hrs ago. i even gave up on the air conditioner (after laying 2 feet away from it and watching an episode of flight of the conchords on the laptop for 25 min). i was just about to write about the 40C temp that has been with us most of the last 24 hrs (it did drop to 28 at some point during the early morning-- it was still 30C at 3:30am according to a plant nursery we passed on our 7km ride home after we decided it would be faster to ride than wait 45 min for a train). i looked at the weather graph page and discovered an almost vertical line going down. a minute later a cool breeze started coming thru the windows!!! its here!!!
i was actually contemplating going up to the mall just to sit at some generic mall cafe with an iced coffee just to feel air conditioned air on my body. now its nice enough that we can head up to a beer garden (are pubs even open during the day on new years day???) and enjoy a nice cool beer outside (although i think zac is a little hungover-- my brunch of chickpeas with coriander and lemon made him feel sick just smelling it but maybe that's just cuz it was chickpeas with coriander and lemon.)

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