Wednesday, January 16, 2008

i HATE banks

i'm sitting on hold with a bank in the US right now-- in the last 15 minutes i've talked to 3 different people in 3 different departments and now i'm hold while the 3rd person discusses my situation with his supervisor. i have no idea what has actually happened with my account which think is what's making it hard. i tried to log into my online banking. it kept telling me there was an error with my user name or password (i was using the correct ones!!). then it locked me out for too many incorrect tries. fortunately they added an online verifictation system to unlock my account-- i just needed to type in my card number and some other info about my account. unfortunately it said my info was incorrect. arrrrrggghhh!! this meant i had to actually call the customer service center (last time i did this-- i do it over skype-- i had to yell into the mic for them to hear me and there were huge was horrible!). i figured my account had been closed (they sent a letter to my mom last year saying if i didn't reply back by october 31 or something, my account would be closed-- i had replied but i figured either my reply didn't make it to them or they just closed it anyway since there was no recent activity). the first person i talked to (who i could hear well and she could hear me too) said my card was closed (what the heck does that mean "my card is closed"-- not expired, it doesn't do that until next year, but "closed"). she transferred me to another area where i sat on hold for a minute and found out that my account is open but my card is closed (which i knew by this point). i asked if i can order a new card. she had to transfer me to a third person. when i couldn't give this person details (like the exact amount in my account) because i'd been locked out of my online account and i quit getting paper statements sent a couple years ago he had to put me on hold to discuss with his supervisor.
while i was typing this up a bank manager got on the phone with me and verified some other personal info about my account (like when it was opened) and then she gave the ok to have a card mailed to me (actually to my mom). i didn't want to go thru the hassle of unlocking my online account with them (i figured i'd have to be passed back to someone in the first department) so i'll just wait until the new card gets to me and then i should be able to easily unlock it over the phone or internet (and then next time we're in the u.s. i'll get the small amount of money out of there and close the account for good!).

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