Sunday, January 13, 2008

our idiot dog

while we were gone for the weekend we left poor wombi at home. not by herself but with a couple baby sitters. friday nite she had zac's mum who was in town and then saturday a friend came over for the nite and stayed with her (and even stayed at our place until we got home early afternoon!). i think she had a pretty good time (especially with gary who she abused for his kong throwing abilities). but we did have issues just before we left and after we came back. before we left zac decided to take her to the park across the road. he got her ready and started to walk across the street. she sat, put her paws in front of her and refused to move (just like in the photo from paynesville where he's trying to make her go in water). she wanted to go in the truck (which she'd seen us packing up) so after several unsuccessful attempts at trying to get her to cross the road zac gave in and put her in the truck:

she was convinced she was going somewhere so zac drove her the 50m to the next park down the road (and then when he got there, there were a couple dogs playing off lead so he couldn't take her out so he drove her home).

when we got home today he tried to take her to the park and the same thing happened. i figured it was cuz i was standing in the front yard too and she thought i might leave without her so i tried to coax her across the road with zac. i think we got her 2m further then she stopped right in the middle of the road and refused to go forward. i opened the truck and she jumped in and sat down. we decided we would drive her down to the other park again (this soooo goes against what both me and zac think about vehicles). while we went into the house to grab the keys and shut the door she just sat there staring at us thru the window with this weird look (not her normal panicked look when we leave her alone in the car but more like "you better get back here right now and drive me somewhere!!!!"). we got in, she hopped into the backseat and layed down (for the whole 50m drive). she had a good run around the park with zac and then we drove home. she was satisfied, went in the house, got a drink and went to sleep in her chair.
zac said her love of cars almost makes him want to buy one just so he can make her happy by driving her around to nowhere.

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