Friday, March 28, 2008


a couple years ago it got really confusing when daylight savings was supposed to end thanks to the commonwealth games. this year might have been similar if i hadn't just read my bicycle victoria newsletter. my calendar sitting on the computer desk has the end of daylight savings in victoria marked as march 30. in my bv newsletter they mentioned having your bike lights ready for the end of daylight savings april 6. somebody was wrong. i checked the government website and they state daylight savings is april 6 so i'm going with that (yeah for 1 more week of not being dark early). that's the 2nd date that's been marked wrong on one of my calendars this year. my free dog's life calendar that i put up at work has easter marked as april 6. i asked a few people at work and consulted a few calendars back in january to figure out that east wasn't april 6 but march 23. i think calendar companies really need to start looking into the dates before they print them up. i wonder how many people are gonna end up changing their clocks on the wrong day because they bought the same calendar as me.......

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