Wednesday, March 26, 2008


i was gonna wait until the end of the month to drag out the heater but i think i need it now. i've been freezing since about 10 min after i walked in the door (i was nice and hot when i came in from riding home with all my rain gear on). i tried pulling down the blinds and shutting the lounge room doors hoping body heat (from sitting watching tv) would heat the room. then i lit candles. they aren't creating enough heat. i even tried tidying the bookshelf thinking that if i moved around i'd be warm (not that cleaning a bookshelf requires much movement). after looking at the weather page and seeing that its only 11C (with the wind chill) i don't feel so wrong about being so cold (and yes, i do realize that back home 11C can mean shorts and t-shirts but here its FREEZING cold-- and that is why we are never moving back to canada). now i'm off to find the heater from somewhere in the junk spare room

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