Friday, March 14, 2008

more heat

sooooo hot. it barely got down to 25C overnite. the hot, dry wind has been blowing all day (and if you note the column of stats on the left of the above picture the wind "chill" temp is almost 44C!). at some point today the wind is supposed to switch and come from the south (and hopefully drop the temp below 20C overnite). my ride home (all 1.4km of it) was exhausting. usually my speedometer stays up around 22-25km/hr but the fastest i got today was 16km (very briefly). most of the ride was about 12km/h. and it was hard. hot northerly blowing on my face, the very slight uphill slope of the ride, i was dying by the time i reached home. i'm not moving from my personal cooler until the wind changes. tomorrow has a slightly cooler high (32C) but right now they aren't forecasting any days below 30 (and most mid-upper 30s) until mid week next week!!!

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