Thursday, March 13, 2008


the dog has been spending a lot of time in the backyard at nite. she'll fly out the back door and head for the compost. a minute later you'll hear her claws scraping the pavement as she runs from the compost to the opening to the garden. then down the side of the house. last nite she finally caught something. i went to check on her and she was sitting on her bed outside with her back to me chewing. i knew what i was gonna find wasn't gonna be pretty. i made her move and give me a look. a poor little mouse layed dead on her bed. i don't even think she thought it tasted that good (and she eats everything!) because when she noticed i had a banana in my hand she started following me around and left the dead mouse. i was pretty disgusted by the whole thing but i couldn't really tell her she was bad cuz she's a dog and that's what dogs (or mostly cats) do. i was glad she was smart enough to keep it outside though. i think there would have been some yelling if she brought it in the house. after i got rid of the body i gave her some peanut butter, lots of water and a bit of banana to try to get rid of dead mouse breath in her mouth (and then i txted zac to make sure he didn't let her kiss him when he got home). hopefully now that she knows rodents don't taste good she'll leave them alone. maybe.

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