Sunday, March 02, 2008

best party ever!

we've been married for just over a week now. definitely have to say it was the best day ever. even with all the dramas, it turned out perfect. we had a small issue when i checked my email the day before the wedding and my friend who was supposed to be arriving that afternoon from canada was stuck in new zealand after getting horribly airsick. fortunately i was able to get hair appointments with a great hairdresser (who wasn't even supposed to be working) for both me and lea. we also had wind issues and the ceremony had to be relocated to the other side of the bridge an hour before the wedding. the weather cleared up and the sun came out just before the ceremony (it was raining less than half an hour before the wedding while we were waiting for our ride to take us there).
wombat was also VERY well behaved in her roll as ring bearer (she even went muzzle free which we didn't plan on doing)
here's a couple photos from my mom and brothers cameras.

me and mom before the ceremony:
the ceremony

newly married (wombat wasn't much into the photos-- the photographer was very excited to get her looking at the camera after getting several dozen shots of her backside):
the band (zac got wagons to play-- our favourite melbourne band). they were amazing!!

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Annie said...

What a day! You look beautiful! Love the color and style of your dress!

I'm glad it went (fairly) smoothly!