Friday, March 07, 2008


i forgot to mention in the wedding post about all the amazing food. we had the reception at ganesh mandala in barwon heads. unfortunately this really cool vegetarian cafe is closing down at some point this month and they will just be doing take away on weekends and events. their food is AMAZING. we had an entirely vegan menu and even the very avid meat eaters were very impressed with all the food. everything was soooooo good--- and it just kept coming and coming. there was a lot of food left on the tables (it was all done family style with bowls of food brought for each table) so we ended up getting a bunch of take away containers and telling people to load up on left overs if the want it so it doesn't all end up in the bin (laws in australia mean you have to pack your own left overs, they can just give you the container). a bit weird for a wedding but we really didn't want a lot of food waste and the cafe thinks along the same lines (when we went back the next morning to settle the bill the specials menu was filled with items from the wedding too so there must have been a lot left in the kitchen as well). the food was amazing though!!
our cake (pictured above) was also AMAZING. not only did it look really cool but it tasted great-- even better than the actually dessert that came with dinner. it was made by a friend of a friend who does cakes as well as sells tupperware. it was her first vegan cake and she did well (we helped her find a vegan chocolate cake recipe and test it out and then just told her to make it look pretty with blue, silver and ocean-y stuff). if anyone needs a special cake around melbourne let me know and i'll get you her details. she can now do vegan 8)
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kristy said...

Congrats on your wedding. You looked beautiful and the foods sounded good too.

Did you have a honeymoon?

shawna said...

no we haven't gone on a honeymoon yet-- we're going to queensland in june for our honeymoon.
we realize now why people take honeymoons right after the wedding-- we spent the next week and a half with my family. it was good to see them all but a lot of time with 5 people (plus the 2 of us and the dog), one vehicle (that holds 5 people), no one who could make a decision when given choices and no one who seemed to listen to what anyone else was saying.
even with all that we still had a good time (but went back to work exhausted!)