Tuesday, February 01, 2011

yong green food

we've been to yong green food a few times now (and blogged about it here). my blurry photos don't really do the food justice though.
zac got the chicken teriyaki. i had a small bite and liked it.
i've been wanting to try the raw nachos for a while so i ordered them:
they were really good! i loved that they came with plenty of each of the dips (a cashew sour cream, guacamole and a tomato based/salsa like dip) and the chips themselves were really nice too. it's the second time i've had a cashew based "sour cream" in the past couple weeks-- i'm really liking it. i'm going to have to try making it instead of my usual tofu sour cream (which i really love too) next time i'm making vegan sour cream.
for dessert we shared a piece of raw chocolate cheesecake. i think this one might be my favourite one (i've only tried one other flavour of cheesecake that they make but i think it'd be pretty hard to top this one for me).

zac wanted a smoothie so he got the raw cacao one which we ended up sharing (made with almond milk, raw cacao, vanilla and bananas). so yummy:
i always find our trips to yong green food a bit pricy but i think it's because we usually go for a late lunch and it seems a bit expensive for a lighter afternoon meal but the food is always really good. this meal was paid for by zac's nan who is no longer well enough to come out for dinner with us so she often gives us some money to go enjoy a meal somewhere.
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