Friday, January 28, 2011


I just came across a great website for ordering some of the hard to find spices: Spice Bazaar. Not sure how I've never heard of it before but I'm glad I found it (and just placed an order for Japanese 7 Spice after going to a couple Asian groceries and checking the spices at several other shops and not finding it). It's a Melbourne based company and they do have some of their range of spices at Ishka and other shops around Australia but they offer free shipping on spices anywhere in Australia! I noticed they also had wattleseed which is hard to find (I ended up finding it at the Oxfam shop when I needed it to make wattleseed cashew truffles).


Anonymous said...

have you been to the spice shop on lygon street? it's amazing

shawna said...

i haven't been but i just looked it up online and it looks amazing. i'm going to have to check it out.