Monday, January 03, 2011

fried "chicken"

i've been meaning to make "jay-lo's fried 'chicken'" from la dolce vegan! for a long time now and i finally got around to it today. making the gluten mock chicken takes time (about an hour or so) but it's all really easy. it looks scarily like some kind of real meat but tastes really good (all the different spices used in making the mock chicken and then in the flour coating used before frying). i wish i'd had some potatoes to go with the chicken (i did have a salad while i was waiting for the chicken to simmer).
i've still got half the chicken that i made since zac wasn't home for dinner so we may have it again later this week (or i could freeze it for another time). next time i do one of the mock meats (there's also faux fish, sausage and turkey that i want to try) i might double the recipe,and then freeze most of it because you need to simmer the gluten flour in the spice broth for about an hour and usually when i decide to cook dinner i want to be eating in no more than 30 minutes or so.
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