Friday, January 07, 2011

rice paper rolls

this was a perfect lunch for a hot day today. i made these a lot the last month or so of last term (i was pretty rushed to ride home, make them, eat them and ride back to work but so worth it) and haven't made them at all over my break (when i actually have time to get everything organized and put them together). i put cucumber, red capsicum, rice noodles, mint leaves and sometimes avocado in my rice paper rolls. i use the dipping sauce from this web page (although i usually just put a little spoonful of the sauce in the rice paper roll as i'm putting the other ingredients in). my wrapping isn't great (i think it's more just getting the sheet of rice paper to be smoothed out flat before i start putting things on it) but they hold together well, even if they don't look pretty.
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Johanna GGG said...

we had rice paper rolls yesterday - perfect for this weather - I don't put any sauce or seasoning in mine and then we can have as much or as little dipping sauce as we like - but I like the sound of this sauce