Wednesday, February 16, 2011

raspberry berry

a couple years ago I recreated and veganized one of my favourite desserts from when I was in university- raspberry berry cake. I finally got around to making it again (almost 3 years later). I use the berry ice cream recipe from how it all vegan (I had mixed frozen berries blended into the ice cream and frozen raspberries stirred in). The crust is the remainder of an old box of oreo cookie crumbs from a Melbourne based Canadian import company that doesn't exsist anymore (and somehow they didn't taste stale!). The raspberry coulis is just frozen raspberries, a bit of caster sugar and a bit of water heated and mixed in a saucepan. Not sure how i'm going to make the crust next time (Zac did volunteer to eat the insides of a packet of oreos so I could use the outsides to make crumbs). Maybe the next trip home we'll have to look into getting a box or 2 (I've never actually seen a box in canada or the US but I've never really looked either).
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K said...

that looks amazing, really wish I had a piece!