Tuesday, February 01, 2011

car crazy

wombat loves her car rides. we sometimes feel a bit bad that we don't actually own a car for her to go in more often. she knows the word car and sometimes if she happens to hear it in a sentence her ears prick up hoping that we're about to take her somewhere in one. last week wombat knew zac had the work car at home. she'd seen him pull up in front of the house in it the day before. the next morning zac had moved the car around the corner so we could get a truck with some furniture in front of the house. later in the day zac told wombat he'd take her for a car ride. he put her on lead and they walked out the front door. wombat saw that there was no car in front of the house where it had been and she refused to go anywhere thinking she might have to actually walk instead of sit in a car. she pushed her front paws into the driveway to try to keep zac from pulling her onto the footpath (she does this occasionally when we try to take her for a walk in heavy rain). zac coaxed her down and dragged her around the corner. as soon as she saw the car she ran up to the back waiting for zac to open the hatch for her. i think we might need to do something about her car obsession.
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