Thursday, February 24, 2011

veggie kitchen

We celebrated our 3rd anniversary yesterday and decided to go to Veggie Kitchen (a newish vegetarian Chinese restaurant that we hadn't been to yet even though it's only about a 15 min walk from our house). Several people had blogged about their banquet (here, here, and here) so we decided on the banquet before we even arrived. The banquet menu changes throughout the year. Right now it is their "Late Summer Banquet." The the menu included homemade Apple Sprout Soy milk, Lettuce Delight, Tofu Nugget Salad, Ah Gei, Stuffed Cucumber, Veggie Cutlet, Five Elements Veggie Pot, Red Rice Yeast Wheat Meat on Forbidden Rice and Ice Cream with Strawberry Sauce & Tang Yuan (as well as Coffee, Tea or Soy milk). Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures after the Lettuce Delight (and it was a very blurry picture). The blogs I linked to have some good photos although a few of the dishes were different from what we had. I enjoyed every part of our meal (I'm not even sure which one was my favourite). The menu (which is on the Veggie Kitchen website ) has brief descriptions of each of the dishes. A lot of their food is made in house (the apple sprout soy milk, the wheat meat as well as some other things). As each item was brought out our server gave us a brief description as well which I really liked. They also have some vegan cupcakes available. Zac got a Neapolitan one to take away. We'll definitely be heading back to the Veggie Kitchen again (hopefully soon).

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Toby said...

I want to go back there now!