Monday, June 16, 2008

food and more dog

when i was in university one of my favourite places to eat out at was red robin. mostly cuz i LOVED the dessert raspberry berry cake(and it was cheaper to go out for just dessert than dinner and i was pretty poor then). it was SOOOOOO good! it was pretty much raspberry ice cream cake with a oreo cookie crumb crust and raspberry sauce over the top. a couple years ago i made some homemade strawberry soy ice cream. it tasted a lot like the raspberry ice cream in raspberry berry (except with strawberries and soy instead of raspberries and cow ice cream). a while later i came across a company that sold boxes of oreo cookie crumbs here (it was a canadian food company that has since closed down). i bought a box but never got around to making raspberry berry cake until last nite.
i made some vegan raspberry ice cream then made an oreo cookie crumb crust (oreo cookie crumbs are also vegan). unfortunately i don't have a cake pan and my pie plate was way to small so i used a casserole dish.

then i made a raspberry sauce (just frozen raspberries, sugar and hot water in the food processor) and made vegan raspberry berry!

i actually can't remember what the real raspberry berry tastes like (it's been probably 7 or 8 years and i think the last time i was there they had taken it off the menu?) but this one was soooooo good (and zac could eat it too so even better than the real one)
i've also been taking way too many photos of the dog lately cuz she's sooo cute and she's finally over her camera fear (probably been desensitized from the hundreds of photos). the ones below are her staring at zac and then at me thinking we have food. she's very hopeful any time there's a possibility of food around that some might come her way (in this case i think zac was just trying to get something out from his teeth but because his hand was near his mouth she was convinced there was food involved-- and hopefully for her)

the little bear chewing up her stuffed dog (and wrapped in her coat to keep her warm):

how cute is that face?:

my big accomplishment for the past couple weeks:

1000 piece puzzle of mostly white and brown shades made even harder because some pieces were VERY similar shapes to others and because they were the same colours i had to match tiny detail and try the similar pieces in the spot to see which fell into the spot slightly better (the right piece would usually slip in nicely on its own while the wrong one(s) would take a slight amount of pressure to make them fit in).
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kristy said...

Mmm that looks good!

And pleasssssssse tell me where you found cheap-ish canned black beans!