Saturday, June 21, 2008


it was a REALLY LONG week at work. people were away for various reasons and we were short staffed most days and had a couple casuals working. friday morning both me and my morning co-worker were feeling it. i'm not sure how i made it thru the day. i was pretty short with some of the kids, i was really struggling not to fall asleep during rest time (dark room, soft music....). i think the main thing that kept me awake was that i wanted to get several of the overtired kids asleep so i could make it thru the rest of the afternoon without them driving us all crazy. after work i wanted to go up to sydney road to get some things from a couple shops. i got there and i was feeling exhausted. i decided to skip a few things i wanted to do and just go to the one shop. i was sooo tired that after i walked out and realized the cashier hadn't given me 20% off a sale item i couldn't be bothered to go back in and get my $4 back. on the way home the light changed just as i was about to enter an intersection. i could have made it but i decided to stop. i'd stopped just on the edge of a left turn lane since i was riding down the middle of the left turn lane so cars would know i was going straight and not try to pass me and cut me off. before i had time to even move completely out of the lane and in front of the straight lane a horn started aggressively beeping. the left turn lane had a green arrow (which had been green for less than a second when the aggressive beeping started) and i was slightly blocking the guy from turning. i moved my bike over to the right a foot and he sped around the corner. i knew i was in the wrong (but only for a second and it wasn't planned that i would stop there, i was planning on going thru the light and then it changed and thought i'd play it extra safe and wait even though a car or 2 behind me went thru) but that fact he was sooo aggressively beeping before i even had a chance to move (i saw the green arrow come on for him but my body hadn't had a chance to move) threw me off. i was soooo over tired and fought back tears the rest of the ride home. i came in the door and burst into tears (over a car beeping at me--- i was soooo tired!). i sat on the couch and wombat came right up to me and crawled across my lap and started licking my hands and face. she was shaking and nervous cuz she had no idea what was happening but she knew her person needed her and she made me feel better (and then i had to spend the next few minutes re-assuring her that everything is ok and she's safe). i layed on the couch half asleep the rest of the nite though and then had a good nite's sleep last nite and i'm much better now. only 3 days of work to go before queensland!!

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