Sunday, June 22, 2008


Riayn at dancing about architecture invited people to do this meme. since i don't want to do any of the things i should be doing, this is a good excuse.

What were you doing ten years ago?

just finished my 2nd year of university and spent the first 2-4 weeks of summer being homeless (it did result in a trip down the oregon coast with some friends though) before i found out my camp that i'd worked at for ages had found a job for me (after i'd applied really late) and they wanted me to come work on advance crew in the weeks before summer started so i had a home and a job (although almost no pay) for the rest of the summer

What are 5 things on your to-do list today?
start organizing things to take to queensland (otherwise i'll forget stuff)
pay the visa bill
email a couple people
book some queensland accommodation
finish my bee for the wall hanging for work's auction dinner

What snacks do you enjoy?
rice crackers and dips

Things that you would do if you were a billionaire?
buy a house with a big yard
get fnb a new van for food servings and pick-ups (and probably some other much needed stuff)
give a fair bit to various charities and our families
quit work and travel more

Three of your bad habits?
creating large messes (and then procrastinating the cleaning of the large mess)

Five places you have lived?
banff, alberta
victoria, bc
langley, bc
julian, california
melbourne, australia

Five jobs you’ve had?
camp counsellor
outdoor education instructor
kindergarten assistant

How did you name your blog?
my husband came up with it-- i said i wanted something with the word 'random' in it


Riayn said...

You were a chocolatier? How does one get a job like that? And how do you do that job without eating all the products?

shawna said...

my parents owned the company (and the factory was in our house, and then on an addition to the house in the backyard). i was allowed 1 chocolate a day (and when my dad wasn't around i'd sneak a sample or 2 but after a while i hated the smell of chocolate-- still love to eat it, just don't like the smell)