Saturday, June 07, 2008

best hummus ever

we got the new vegan as an engagement gift almost 2 years ago. i've flipped thru it a few times and have a couple pages bookmarked with scraps of paper but i don't think we've ever actually cooked anything from it. i decided i wanted some kind of dip last nite and couldn't find anything that sounded like what i wanted with ingredients we had at home in my favourite cookbooks (vegan planet and how it all vegan) so i started flipping thru the new vegan. i came across "smokey black bean hummus"-- exactly what i wanted (and we had all the ingredients). i halved the recipe but it still made a pretty big amount (but its already almost gone 24 hrs later). i've been eating it with some thin crackers but they aren't vegan so zac's been eating it with corn cakes (i debated for a few hours whether i would even tell him about the dip since he was out when i made it and it was almost too-good-for-share). i also made an amazing quesadilla with it. i think i'll have to get some more black beans and make it again (so glad more places are selling canned black beans around us-- one little green grocer even sells organic ones for less than $2 instead of the usual $3-3.50 that most supermarkets and health food stores are selling them for). i don't have any photos of it though cuz it would take effort to make the grey dip look pretty in a photo and its been a long week so i didn't have energy to do that.


kristy said...

black beans for under $2? where????

and any chance of sharing the recipe? If so my email address is: bluerthanpink (at) GMAIL (dot)(com)

Annie said...

Post recipe?! Please??!