Monday, January 21, 2008


ever since we got wombat (just over 13 months ago) she's had all sorts of lumps and bumps come and go. she gets all sorts of little and big button tumors (like this one) and zits (i think they might be kind of a heat related rash) but they all seem to go away (even the HUGE button tumor). she has ALWAYS had a bump on her back near her hip. the vet checked it and said it doesn't seem to be anything but just always keep an eye on it and bring her in if there's any growth to it or it starts bleeding or anything. we've just gotten used to feeling that bump any time we pat her down her back (and you can see it sticking up with her short fur). last nite she was curled up on my lap (she likes to think she's a lap dog sometimes, especially if the wind makes scary noises) and i ran my hand down her back. there was no bump. i took a look and the bump was completely gone!!! it didn't get scraped off or anything it just went down. there's a tiny bald patch where it was but the skin looks fine (not like it was cut off or something). it just went away! its kinda nice to pat her without that lump. now she's just gotta get rid of the half dozen little bumps that have come up behind her ears in the last month or so.....

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