Saturday, January 26, 2008


i'm a huge procrastinator. its one of the things i'm best at. we now have 4 weeks today until our wedding. we haven't finalized anything other than the menu. i have a friend of a friend that's supposed to be making my dress. key words are: supposed to. i met her once. 10 days ago (after about 2 months of forgetting to call her and then about 3 weeks waiting for her to get back to me to arrange to meet). we discussed stuff and planned to meet again a week ago to choose fabric, finalize the design and get measurements. that never happened. i've been calling and smsing her since then. no response (i've been told by both her and our mutual friend that she is HORRIBLE at returning calls). today i decided i better get a backup plan (even though i've looked for wedding dresses and couldn't find anything i liked). i did a search for dresses on ebay (which i'd done a few times). i had a list of 10 or 11 that i liked and were a good price. one that i really liked was ending this afternoon (it was more of an evening dress but it was pretty much exactly what i had in my head for the style, just a slightly darker colour than i intended). there were no bids and the starting price was VERY reasonable (especially since it was a well known melbourne designer who has a shop near us with VERY EXPENSIVE wedding dresses in it). when i still hadn't heard back from by dress maker 5 minutes before the auction ended i decided to buy it (the other thing was that the measurements were pretty much perfect for me and i might not need to get any alterations done). i'm still gonna see if this girl is willing to make my dress but if that's not going to happen i do have a dress i'll be happy to get married in (and if i do get one made, the ebay one will just go back on ebay and i should be able to get more than i paid no problem). now we just have to finalize our vows, rain back up plan, the band (which i'm very excited about if we can get it to work), the guys suits and shoes, and lots of small details.

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Indigo said...

what a great story to tell on your 50th wedding anniversary!