Monday, January 07, 2008

east gippsland lakes weekend

we took lots of pictures while we were in paynesville. most of them ended up being of wombat. here's a few of them.

teenage and adult swan on raymond island:

koalas on raymond island:

an echidna on raymond island (we watched it walk across the road but by the time i got the camera out it didn't show its face again-- but i did get close enough that i could have touched it).

looking like she's enjoying the water (she doesn't mind putting her toes in most of the time but that's about it):

not enjoying the water (she was in up to her belly a minute before the photo):

GQ pose by the water:

wombi exhausted from playing in the "park" (denise's backyard):

happy hour drinks and chips on the main strip by the lake:

more GQ posing:

trees at sunset and dusk:

driving pose (trying to check out the front seat, pant and sleep all at the same time):

lucky dog with an ice cream cone (a treat she got when we left her with zac's mom and nana for the afternoon while we went to metung):

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