Monday, January 21, 2008

trying to narrow it down

i'm working on figuring out what more i can do for the environment at home in a way that zac will help with too. he's happy to do basic things like recycle, compost, put grey water on the garden and turn off electrical things when they aren't in use but things like cutting down on consumerism and buying more locally produced food and other items are harder to do (especially for zac but i struggle with it too).
i think my biggest issue is plastic. first of all, it's plastic that generally fills our rubbish bin (wrappers from tofu, rice cakes, crackers, cereal and other things we buy). zac also tends to get unnecessary plastic bags from shops sometimes just so we have something to line the bin. i bought a roll of biodegradable plastic bags but zac still seems to find it necessary to bring home plastic bags from shops occasionally (even though he never needs them for what he bought cuz he's usually got his panniers or a backpack with him). we could look into cutting down the amount of overly packaged stuff we buy too (there's a lot of bulk-buy places starting to pop up everywhere and most of them you can bring your own containers to fill too).
buying locally produced items would also help the environment a lot (i.e. buy more in season fruit and veggies grown near here). other things we might need (like clothing) could mostly be bought from local crafts people or second hand.
i could also go completely vegan (not just dinner time vegan) which would benefit the environment and the animals that are raped for my cheese. i don't think i would have much issue going vegan at home, it would mostly be when we go out that the things that sounded the best to me on the menu would most likely be something involving dairy.
those are a few of the ideas floating around in my head but i think i just gotta take it one step at a time and pick one spot to start......

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