Thursday, January 10, 2008

heat and ikea don't mix

we've had zac's dad's ute (pickup truck in north american talk) for the week so zac decided we should spend our last ikea voucher from our engagement party (just over a year ago)-- it ended up getting left behind when we did our big ikea shop last year with all our vouchers. we wanted to get a shelf for the laundry room since we're really lacking storage in there and after i get rid of the dryer on freecycle sometime in the next week or so. i also wanted to get some kind of bamboo or brush fencing to cover up the corrugated iron to help keep our yard from getting to ridiculous temperatures (not at ikea but in the same mall complex).
wombat and i spent the entire day inside in front of the personal cooler (well i was in front of it, wombat would wander past every once in a while but spent most of the time just laying on the floor panting) and i got thru planning some of the detail bits of the wedding--- 5 hrs i spent doing that and i don't have much to show for it. it was 40C (104F) all afternoon and it was still 40C when we left for ikea at 7:30! the windows were down but hot air was blasting in as we drove along. zac exhausted before we even left (i say its from the long busy week, lack of sleep and 2 late nites in a row-- he says its from the hours of driving he did last weekend) but ikea seems to do something to him and sucks the energy from him as he walks in the door. he also hates the place. he made sure i knew exactly which shelf i wanted before we went in so i didn't have to stand there checking out every shelf. i kinda wanted to look around a bit but i knew that wouldn't happen with him around and i figured if i sent him off so i could look i would find him collapsed on a bed sleeping (when i stopped to look at one of the maps just to see where the shelving/storage section was he dropped on the bed next to him and had trouble getting back up). we found the shelf, wrote the pick up isle number down and continued winding past all the stuff to get to the pick up area. we get there and there's a big blank spot where our item should be 8( we didn't bother asking anyone for help (zac REALLY wanted to get out of there by that point but just picked up a slightly different, nicer looking but smaller shelves, shelf unit). the overnite low for tonite is 30C (a repeat of new years-- except i don't have any reason to stay up until 4am so i may have to leave the personal cooler on for most of the nite or i'll just end up lying there not sleeping and that's not fun).
i think my brain is a bit fried from the heat and i don't know how much i just typed actually makes sense but i'm too tired/hot to look it over so it is the way it is.

i just looked at the weather forecast and this is what it says:
Forecast for Thursday evening:
Fine. A hot, oppressive night with strengthening northerly winds.

Precis: Oppressive night.

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Annie said...

LOL- oppressive heat!! That's a good one! HAHAHA No kidding! 40! hot!
What is it with Guys and Ikea? It seems like a common ailment! :D
It's snowing here as I type. Just thought I would share how nice a cool it is. haha