Friday, January 04, 2008


we arrived in paynesville late last nite. wombat isn't really welcome but she has no where else to go and she's our child so she had to come. denise told us to bring her around the back first and let her run before coming into the nice new house. there's no fence on one side of the yard so zac was just gonna run with her on lead in the yard. we'd talked to wombat a few times about being on her best behaviour here (i don't think she understood much of it). she tried though. zac walked over the small bridge to get to the back yard grass. wombat went around the side of the bridge-- right into the frog pond!!! it was dark and zac had no idea the pond was there. wombat somehow missed that one too and went straight in right up to her neck in water! it was pretty funny though but she had to get towelled down a lot and cleaned before she was allowed in the house. i was still laughing at the sight of her going into the pond (and she HATES water!) when i went to bed. she's not very good with first impressions. ever. then when she came in the HUGE house i think she thought it was a park and even after we took her around on lead to sniff everything she still felt the need to run up and down the house on the hard wood floors cuz there's so much room. fortunately she's a bit more settled about things today .
pictures will have to come later (we took her koala spotting and to the beach on raymond island this morning) cuz i didn't bring the camera cable.

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