Monday, December 03, 2007


the one thing i love about living in australia is that winter isn't really winter (even though i do get cold and i complain, its much better than canadian winters-- even vancouver's "mild" winters)
the pictures below are from webcams on the weather network website.
even though its slightly grey here (with a bit of much needed rain!!) i'm glad i'm not in canada now (although i'd probably be getting a snow day if i lived in vancouver)
here's victoria and sidney, just north of victoria (useless trivia: sidney is the sister city of cairns australia-- it says so on the sign as you drive thru the town to get to the ferry terminal to go to vancouver. zac and i always wonder why cairns. why not syndey australia?) anyway, it looks miserable!

i think this pic is from west vancouver (some of the webcams i really wanted to see weren't working):

surrey (near where i used to live) at the pacific hiway border crossing (not much of a line up today):
burnaby at the sfu campus:
as pretty as vancouver looks (and all the amaing photos friends have put up on their blogs/facebook etc) i'm glad i'm not there to see it.
i'd much rather have this end of the weather:
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