Monday, December 31, 2007


its supposed to be 42 degrees today (with an overnite low of 26C-- its gonna be another super-hot new years eve and this time we're at a place with no air con).
we've got a plan and so far we're doing ok (its only 10 am though). yesterday was a weird cool day between 2 hot days. it only got to 25C and was mild overnite. before we went to bed we shut all the doors and windows except the bedroom one. when it started getting warm-ish this morning i shut that. all the blinds are down and the windows are shut now. apparently its 33C outside already. the house is just nice right now. unfortunately our house doesn't have proper insulation so that nice is gonna last only so long but we have a plan for that bit too-- we've booked a flexicar this afternoon and we're gonna go up to lea and jay's to enjoy their pool (and their company. and their air conditioning). then we're gonna come home for a bit to be with the dog (i wish we had proper air conditioning for her sake. we can't actually put her in the back yard when it gets this hot cuz the yard gets even hotter with the pavement and corruganted iron fences). we'll give her a bath (and we'll be soaking her down thru the day since she's too stupid to go in her pool) and once it gets slightly cooler (or more likely, once the sun isn't beating down on the yard anymore) we'll be able to put her out and go to our friends to celebrate the new year.

i just noticed the wind on the weather info page (the circle in the bottom left corner). usually its a bit scribbly but that wind is just coming straight from the north (explaining the ridiculous heat)

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Anonymous said...

Wow.. it is certainly hot down your way today. Sydney is comfortable 25C.

I just love your weather info screenshots. Where do you get them from?