Friday, December 21, 2007

i'm ready (sort of)

christmas can come now-- i finished work this afternoon. no more work for 4 weeks!!!!! (above pic from here) yesterday was our last day with kids and today was our clean-up day. the director took us out to lunch at the pub down the road and we had an AMAZING lunch!!! the vegetarians (3 of us) got mushroom risotto, the meat eaters had lamb, we all got truffles (the fungus kind, not chocolate) which were really good (only 1 person had tried them before). there were amazing salads and vegetables for everyone and then for dessert we had strawberries with coriander and mint with yogurt sorbet (SOOOOOOO good--- the the weird tilted bowls it was served in were really cool too!). wouldn't really expect such a good gourmet meal from the little local pub (i'd eaten there once before and it was also a really good meal but i'd been a bit sick feeling overnite and we figured it was possibly the wild mushrooms that 3 or 4 of us had in our meals).
i think i'm supposed to be going up to zac's work christmas party now but i'm not cuz of this (and the fact i'm exhausted):

all that blue stuff (and the yellow bits) is rain. usually there's just a few patches of blue (if any at all) when i go to that page but there's storms and thunderstorms forecast for most of the evening and thru tomorrow. i think i'll just sit at home with the dog and light my christmas lites and candles since its so dark for 6pm.

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