Monday, December 24, 2007

in denial

first a christmas video (its entertaining):

its been pretty "cold" and wet the last few days (which was a nice change-- especially since when it first started getting rainy it was still pretty warm so it was VERY humid.

i've been in denial that its "cold" though. i still wore my flip flops all day yesterday and saturday(but when i got home i put my fuzzy socks on). today i decided to not put a regular thickness hoodie on to ride down to brunswick street (and i still am refusing to put shoes and socks on to go out-- i haven't worn shoes and socks in weeks!). i kinda regretted it. especially while we sat outside and drank coffee (and i got an iced coffee cuz i was warm walking up the sunny side of the road to the cafe but sitting in the shade with the southerly wind whipping up the street wasn't nice for drinking iced coffee). now i've been sitting at home for an hour or so and i realized i've been shivering most of that time. i'm finally gonna give in and put fuzzy socks and a warmer hoodie on (and i think i'll wear socks and shoes when we go to the movies tonite too).

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