Monday, December 24, 2007

day at the beach

we had to go check out some stuff for the wedding so we made another beach trip for wombat. the weather was a bit crap but it was probably good cuz less people were out with their dogs (although we still ended up at the nude beach by torquay in order to get away from other dogs--but at least it wasn't good weather for nude swimming/sun bathing cuz i wouldn't be able to take photos of wombat at the beach if people were laying around naked).

look at that dirty mouth (the sand is even on her tongue-- but all she cares about is the ball):
jumping for the ball:
the second shot in this collage is zac pointing to the ground and telling her to come here. she was doing surprisingly well at it-- even better than at home where she just barges past you when you tell her to come here when playing fetch)
focused on the ball:

happy and sandy:
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