Saturday, December 29, 2007

its not even noon!!!

this is what the weather is like right now:

its not even noon and its 35C (39.4 with the wind "chill"). the only air conditioning we have is a portable personal air conditioner. i'm glad we have that though. as long as you sit in front of its blowing air (and keep the water inside topped up) its comfortable. move anywhere else inside or outside and its WAY too hot! i hate running the air conditioner all day but i think as long as i'm home i'm gonna be on the couch with it blowing on me. later on this arvo maybe we can bike somewhere with air conditioning (when the sun isn't so high and burn-y) or take an air conditioned tram to the beach (i think all the trams on our tram route are air conditioned-- i don't think i could handle one that's not when the temp is in the upper 30s).

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Anonymous said...

Ouch! Looks like you guys in Melbourne are getting scorched down there. I will stop complaining about it being 27C here in Sydney.