Wednesday, October 31, 2007


its a little late but they're here: pics from canada!

the view from our room at the golf resort china airlines put us up at on the way to canada:

i didn't take any pictures in portland other than the cat pics and video i uploaded before (the one day we wandered around town and it was sunny out i forgot the camera back at the house)

one of about 300 whale shots and videos we took (eventually i might get around to uploading some of the videos):

there's more whale shots on my facebook account.

the seals that hang out at fishermans wharf in victoria (soooooo cute!!):

chips on fishermans wharf (we used to go to barb's fish and chips when i was little and while we waited for our order we'd wander up the jetties and pick out our favourite boat and houseboat):

the view from mout doug (there's a faint red circle kind of near the left side of the land-- i think that's where my mom's house is):

brooke's staggette (one of the least embarrassing shots of the nite):

the newlyweds
brooke, alan, me and zac at the reception:

autumn on the west coast. the left pic is vancouver on our last day there-- looks alot like our first day there where i had to buy new shoes cuz my feet were soaked before we got out of the airport parking lot (i didn't know i had holes in the bottom of my shoes!). the right pic is beacon hill park in victoria (lots of yellow and orange maple trees)

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Indigo said...

great pics and welcome home!