Monday, October 29, 2007

more wombat....cuz she's cute

zac took this photo of her the other day (tired from chewing up paper):

the baby tucked in her bed (note the paw under her head):

she's been doing amazingly well at sleeping on her own bed since she got back from the kennel. the first week she even tried to settle herself in her dog house when we put her out for her last pee of the nite before bed a few times (i think she thought she was spending the nite outside). when she had jumped up on our bed during the nite we just say "go to bed" and she goes back to her bed and curls up again-- no prying her out from under the doona and dragging her off the bed.
last nite i went to bed early and she went to her bed. we had all the windows and doors open cuz the house was still in the mid 20s even though it was finally starting to cool outside (didn't get below 23C the nite before). the wind had started to pick up and was making the doors bang. i was fast asleep and didn't notice until an extra strong gust slammed the front door and the dog jumped up on the bed with me (she's very scared of the wind). zac came in and tried to resettle her but she was a bit scared. he turned off the lights and came to bed. as soon as he was in bed she jumped up and was a bit nervous. zac resettled her and i figured if she came up again i'd just show her how to sleep on top of the doona at the foot of the bed like a normal dog cuz the wind was still scaring her (even though most of the windows were closed now and the doors were closed). a minute later she jumped up, went to the foot of the bed and curled up (i didn't even have to show her). we let her stay there. i woke up sometime during the nite when the wind had died down and she jumped off the bed and curled up on her own bed. such a good dog.

now she's curled up at my feet under the desk cuz the wind is blowing again and its scaring her (she was trying to crawl up on my lap from under the desk and when that didn't work for her-- her giant head doesn't fit well in small spaces-- she went around the side of my chair and jumped on my lap). when we put her outside when its windy (which she really fights against-- even when the peanut butter kong is involved) she just sleeps on the cement down the side of the house where the wind isn't making as many scary noises. poor girl. this is her first spring in melbourne (probably the windiest time of the year).

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Indigo said...

she's adorable