Sunday, October 21, 2007

poor sick dog

yesterday morning wombat climbed into bed with us after i went to the washroom at 7am. 30 min later she vomited right in the middle of the bed. i got up and took the fitted sheet off and rinsed it and left it in the laundry room to put in the wash a bit later. wombat went outside and was roaming around the yard so i left the back door open and went back to bed. we layed the flat sheet over the mattress protector and layed down. a few minutes later wombat came back in and jumped on the bed and walked all over my chest. i started to smell a bad smell. then zac noticed a smear of poo where she'd walked on the sheet. i also had a big smear on my shirt where she'd stepped on me! don't know how she stepped in her poo cuz she's usually completely disgusted by the stuff and won't go anywhere near it. so we got the sheet off the bed and my t shirt off me and started to do laundry (i just washed those sheets the day before we left!!). wombat seemed good the rest of the day (she did manage to step in another dog's diarrhoea on her morning walk which she was horrified by and zac gave her a good foot bath to make sure we got rid of it all). when we came home in the afternoon she came inside with her kong and went to her bed in the bedroom to chew on it. i went to check on her later when she didn't come out (she'll usually only stay in there a few min but then wants to see whats going on in the rest of the house). she was sleeping on her bed! she didn't even come out when we ate dinner. i called her out for dinner when we finished eating and she came but wouldn't touch her food (very unlike her). we thought maybe she'd decided to be picky and didn't like the smell of the gnocchi sauce (vegan creamy sun dried tomato and mint) but she wouldn't even take dry dog food from our hands. she had a drink and i gave her some chicken that we had from the neighbour and then just curled up and slept the rest of the evening. when i went to bed i put a couple of her towels down by her bed so if she woke up sick we could just throw a towel down for her. i'm glad i did. 5 min after zac came in she tried to crawl into bed with us. we told her to go back to bed and she did. a minute later we heard her heaving. i grabbed a towel and she vomited there. i took her outside while zac rinsed the towel and hung it up. wombat stood in the yard for several minutes eating grass. we went back to bed and the same thing happened again. after that she went to sleep though and seems ok so far this morning (she's been in our bed for an hour and nothing seems to be coming up). she seems fine other than the occasional vomit and sleeping even more than usual and hopefully she'll have a little breakfast this morning (if she doesn't she's going to the vet i think).

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